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2014 Scottish Rite Has Talent


On May 17, 2014, the winners performed live from the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. Our member, Jeffry Larson, is in the back row second from the left.
We received amazing talent submissions for Scottish Rite Has Talent 2014.

Thank you to all who submitted an entry.

The Jurisdiction-wide contest, Scottish Rite Has Talent, was started in 2013 to benefit CTC by highlighting our diverse membership. Members were encouraged to submit video entries of their talents, and ultimately, the winners were chosen by Supreme Council staff and our production company.

For more information about CTC 2014 or Scottish Rite Has Talent, please contact the Development Office at developmentoffice@scottishrite.org or 202-777-3196.

Contest Winners:

  • Ernest Chapman, 32nd, Valley of Nashville
  • Edwin Josey, 32nd, Valley of Knoxville
  • Mark Peters, 32nd, KCCH, Valley of Tacoma
  • John Weaver, 33rd and Nashville R & R with Edwin Benson, 32nd, KCCH, and Billy West, 32, Valley of Nashville
  • Bob Aunchman, 32nd, Valley of Stockton, California
  • Bert Dalton, 33rd, Valley of Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • Paul Thompson, 32nd, Valley of Miami
  • James Clarence Sherrill, 32nd & Paul Smoke, Shoals Valley
  • Joscar Poershchke, 32nd, Valley of Miami
  • Nelson Rose, 32nd, Valley of Miami
  • Jeffrey Larson, 32nd, Valley of Salina, Kansas
  • Neil Clevenger, 32nd, Valley of Kahului, Hawaii
  • Gary Norton, Valley of Olympia
  • J. Alexander Strachan, 32nd, KCCH, Valley of Phoenix, Arizona