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Remembrance and Renewal Ceremony, 2016


March 15, 2016, the Salina Scottish Rite Masons held their Remembrance and Renewal at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Salina, Kansas. The public was invited. A total of 49 people attended the event. A reception followed.

Special guest was Ill. Hugh Gill III 33° S.G.I.G. of Kansas. He reminded all of us why we were there, to remember our fallen brothers who have left these earthly ties here on earth.

The ceremony is a time honored tradition dating back to 1856. It is a ritual observed annually by the Scottish Rite Masons around the world. The first section is a gathering to remember friends who died over the past year and to honor the Knights of Rose Croix by extinguishing the lights.

The second section is relighting the lights, recognition of the resurrection of Christ and the acceptance of life hereafter. A celebration of what is yet to come.

Knights of St. Andrew brothers acted as ushers.

James R. Winn 32° KCCH
Executive Secretary Valley of Salina