33° Eagle Leadership

James Dean Cole
Ill:. James Dean Cole, 33°
Sovereign Grand Commander


Hugh W. Gill
Ill:. Hugh W. Gill, III, 33°
S.G.I.G. of the Supreme Council in Orient of Kansas


John A. Reynolds
Ill:. John A. Reynolds, 33°
Personal Representative to S.G.I.G. of Kansas



Executive Secretary of Valley of Salina


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33° Eagle Heads of Bodies

Marvin Rodriguez
Marvin Rodriguez, 32°
Venerable Master of the Lodge of Perfection


Tom Krauss
Tom Krauss, 32°
Wise Master of the Rose Croix


Steve Krug
Steve Krug, 32°
Council of Kadosh


G. J. Long
G. J. Long, 32°
Salina Consistory
Master of Kadosh


Vincent Tracey
Vincent Tracey, 32°
Knights of Saint Andrew
Venerable Master


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33° Eagle Directors

Rodney Kalivoda
Rodney Kalivoda, 33°
Director of the Work


Kenny Leander
Ill:. Kenny Leander, 33°
Director of Masonic Education


Donley Jones
Ill:. Donley Jones, 33°
Director of Master Craftsman Program


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